Quick Delivery Homes

Our Quick Delivery homes offer the quality and detail of a Belmonte home, but without the wait. Please contact our Sales Representative for more details!

City Square

108B Division Street Saratoga Springs, New York
Contact Sharon Byrne at 518-527-4914

Griffin’s Ridge

60 Village Circle North, Round Lake, New York
3 BR Ranch plan, 1930 sq ft,  Price: $ 418,575 before incentive
Contact: Gary Bishop, 518-421-3096 -or- gary@belmontebuilders.com

The Mill at Smith Bridge

17 Saw Mill Court Saratoga Springs, New York
3 BR Ranch plan, 1930 sq ft,  Price:$432,265
Contact Rob Rothschild at 518-275-3326  -or- rrothscild@belmontebuilders.com

Windsor Woods

4 Victoria Court, Clifton Park, New York
4 BR Two-story, 2898 sq ft, Price: $ 494,270
Contact: Mickey Ricciardi, 518-857-0099 -or-  mickey@belmontebuilders.com